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Art Walk

Take a stroll along the quaint streets of Honey Harbour and stop to see the amazing local artists as they exhibit their art. From paintings on canvas, clothing and other items, to printed photography of the local scenery and handmade jewelry. We are honoured to have them represented at the Honey Bee Festival. Artists are placed out front of Honey Harbour boutiques and shops.

Take it home

From beautiful paintings, postcards, and puzzles you have the opportunity to purchase from our registered artists! 


Artist's Contributions

The participating artists also provide amazing donations to our auctions in support of the Honey Bee Festival & Georgian Bay Biosphere. 

Take your chance and win or purchase from the vendor directly.

Attending Artists

  • Alexander McLaughlin

  • April Howe

  • Jess Graham

  • Sonya Lester

  • Judy Kovacs

  • Wendy Wingfelder

  • Thom Morrissey

  • Bruce Tyner

  • Billie Hewitt

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